Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

The suspect in the Wellston shootout demanded a bond reduction because of the pregnant girlfriend

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Police are still searching for at least three suspects in the May 27 shooting on busy Page Avenue.

A suspect who was arrested by police and charged by prosecutors argued to a judge today that he should reduce his bond. The judge denied reducing the bond at a hearing that revealed more about the suspect.

Bobby Booker, 32, appeared in court in St. Louis. Louis County Justice Center via a video feed from where he remains in prison. Her lawyer’s main point to the judge was that she had a boyfriend who was five months pregnant.

FOX 2 revealed an exclusive video of the shootout in a June 9 FOX Files report. Police said the video showed Booker casing a man before he was robbed of an AR-15 he was apparently carrying. The video also shows Booker and the future victim inside the Wellston Food Market on Page.

Outside, another angle on surveillance video shows the robbery. The suspect placed a gun behind his victim’s head and took out the rifle. Then, there was a gunshot as the robbery victim took another gun from his car and two men who were with him joined the fight.

A woman who was shopping was shot in the abdomen. He was saved. Booker was also shot that day.

Booker appeared in court from a video feed of the prison after leaving the infirmary. Booker’s attorney said his client not only had a child on the street but was also prescribed mental health medications he did not get due to transportation issues.

Prosecutors said Booker has a history, calling him a “previous and continuing offender,” including being found guilty of an unlawful use of a firearm case in 2009. .Booker was also sentenced to ten years for 2012 assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Court lawyers said he was released from prison about a year ago.

If Booker’s bond reduction request is denied, he says the community deserves to be safe. He referred to the innocent spectator being caught in the crossfire and said Booker had no right to have a weapon in the first place. He kept the current bond amount, only $ 500 mil cash.

If you have information about the other three shooters from the May 27 shootout, please contact the North County Police Cooperative at 314-428-7374. You can remain anonymous.

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