Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

The family spoke after the Wentzville police dispatcher died suddenly at age 49

WENTZVILLE, Mo. – The Wentzville community mourns the police dispatcher who died Wednesday.

Della Williams has been a police dispatcher for nearly two decades and recently served in the Wentzville police department. William’s family said he died suddenly at the age of 49.

During his nearly five decades on the ground, Williams has not left this land without making an outstanding mark. Williams has spent his nearly 20 -year career serving others as a dispatcher.

Then apart from his work, Williams ’whole life revolved around helping others. She has a special place in her heart for victims of domestic violence and children.

Some of the many projects, which he has participated in are the Missing Person Support Center, which he founded and is president of.

Williams also certified losers in the Missouri law enforcement training program and helped train officers throughout the state. She also helped organize NamUs, the wallet project, and create backpacks for needy community members.

Williams’ nephew, Caleb Wilson, said he helped and cared for anyone he knew.

“If we see a homeless person right here on the street, he’ll hide gift cards in his car, and he’ll take them and give a gift card to a homeless person to let them know he’s thinking about them. , ”Wilson said. “So, it’s not selfish work like that, and he prepared them especially for that. He is the most indifferent man on earth. He is an angel on earth and will do anything for anyone, any day, any hour. He is there for you. ”

The family says the funeral will be public and details will be released soon.

The police department paid the full cost of the funeral. The family also asked the public if they would like to donate anything to the Missing Person’s Support Center.

You can find a link to donate here: https://www.mpsupportcenter.org/.

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