Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

The 12 Best Perfume Discoveries Set All Perfume Lovers

Think about it: It’s after the pandemic, and, like the rest of the world, you’re starting to buy most of your beauty sales online, often inspired by your favorite influencers, interior designers, editors, and industry experts. . And today, you buy a perfume, a perfume that is supposedly so unique, a breath can be compared to Romilda Vane’s bowl of Amortentia. You feel confident, somewhat euphoric, and the anticipation of the arrival of your new perfume is long overdue. You’re never sure you’re going to love something for the rest of your life! Until — womp, womp — you really smell it. If you, like most of us, have experienced that guilt “What?” once you buy the perfume, you have come to the right place.

Even if we do our best not to get lost when it comes to fragrance here at Who’s Wearing, the fragrance is probably the most personal and polarizing product you can buy within the beauty arena. You may hate what your best friend loves, and something that smells of your sister may smell like a rotting corpse. (I’m not that dramatic — that’s what I’ll tell you how I smell at Kilian Paris’s Rolling in Love $ 250.)

Since we’re not psychic, we don’t always recommend your most perfect perfume, but what we potential All it takes is to recommend some of our favorite brands of all time with a ridiculously impressive amount of delicious, most fragrant fragrances, and tell you to buy their discovery sets. From there, you can try driving multiple options and put in a personal favorite. Like a plan? Cool, 12 of the best discovery sets on the market (plus our favorites from each) are just below. Keep scrolling!

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