Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

40 Surprisingly Good Findings From Zara’s Big Summer Sale

If you know me or just followed me on TikTok, you probably know my love for Zara. For over a decade, I’ve devoted a chunk of time each week to exploring the brand’s new arrivals, special pricing section, home appliances (don’t sleep at Zara Home), and etc. As a result, I have developed enough ability to manipulate thousands of its products and dig into the best products. And my skills are best used during a sale, one of which happens to start this week.

After hours of scrolling through every discount item on Zara.com-and after I made a few red marked purchases myself-I can say for sure that the list below includes everything you need to know. from the brand’s recently launched sales. Keep scrolling to see what makes the cut, from beautiful summer dresses to sandals that seem to cost $ 500 (but really don’t). The rest is up to you.

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