Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

30 Shoes From Zara That Are So Beautiful

Every time I prepare to go out at night, my plans are usually first and second is my choice of clothing. But always, it’s the opposite around. On occasions like these, I find myself invading group chat to cook up some plans just so I can get a chance to come up with a new piece ready for the party. Shopping for an unplanned occasion? Some might call it delusional, but I call it revelation. And if your weekend plans are already set, Zara has something to say about it.

The retailer is launching an edit of party shoes and as you can imagine it is filled with all sorts of sequins, crystals, metal, and high octane colors. Almost every pair made me shiver, but especially with the under 30 pairs I was mostly lost. So if you need a reason to get your friends, keep playing Beyoncé’s new summer song “Break My Soul”, and hit the dance floor, then don’t look more of this epic that Zara found.

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