17 Beauty Products Sworn by Tera Peterson

This is why I’m grateful: If Peterson didn’t have a mother with a very cool job that allowed him to travel to LA and experience the magic of skin care himself, then maybe he wouldn’t go to school in esthetician and co-founder of Nuface. And where will that leave the rest of us? I got my first Nuface Trinity Starter Kit ($ 339), I don’t know, six years ago, and now I have the Nubody ($ 399) as well, so I can prove both of these tools in lifting and sculpting wizardry. Honestly, I’m not sure what I would do without them.

And Peterson is on the same page. She uses her Nuface Trinity Complete ($ 525) “to look toned, lifted, and sculpted every single day,” and she truly believes beauty technology is the future of skincare. “We’ve seen a lot of clients ask for home technology because their topical skincare is no longer enough.” But don’t worry — if you haven’t tried skin care technology yet, you can still get glowing skin. Peterson loves to travel to the Korean spa for a full body exfoliation. “Anyone who knows it takes some courage, but you’re going to leave with a child’s skin.” If that’s not your thing, then drink plenty of water every day. “When you’re hydrated on a cellular level, it reflects the overall look of your skin. Hydration paired with good nutrition and exercise can give you healthy, radiant skin from the inside out,” she says. Peterson. Surprised to see what other inspiring secrets were in his arm? Keep scrolling for 17 of her must have beauty and skin care finds for feeling like your most beautiful self.

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